Energy Efficient Reflectors for Lighting Manufacturers

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Punching and forming of energy efficient specular reflectors for customers in the lighting industry. These parts are produced from customers supplied CAD drawings to their exact specifications. This part was turret punched and formed with a multi-axis press brake symmetrically formed with (19)-individual forms. These parts were produced with ALANOD Miro-4 material which produces energy savings an evolving trend across the country. We performed first article, in process and final item inspection with meticulous packaging to insure the parts arrive free of transit damage.

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Specular Reflectors for Lighting Manufacturer Details

Product Description Energy efficient specular reflectors
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary: Multi-axis press brake forming following CNC punching
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Muli-Axis Press Brake and CNC Turret Punching
Overall Part Dimensions 10 1/2″ x 47″ x 3/4″ Deep
Tightest Tolerances ± .015″ / Bending ± 1 Degree
Material Used Alanod Miro-4 / 4400 GP
Material Finish Extra bright specular aluminum w/PVC
In process testing/inspection performed First article, periotic process inspections all the way to the last parts
Industry for Use Lighting manufacturers
Volume 100 to 1000
Delivery/Turnaround Time 3 weeks A.R.O.M
Delivery Location Midwest Region (F.O.B. Skol Mfg.)
Standards Met Customer supplied print, CAD drawing
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